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95 Things

  1. I like having long hair, but the honest truth is that I look better if it’s short.
  2. I have won ribbons in competition at the Minnesota State Fair.
  3. Well, okay, one ribbon. But I’ve entered three several times.
  4. I find David Byrne’s PowerPoint experiments hilarious.
  5. I tend to conceive of ambitious projects and not finish them.
  6. I also tend to believe that I can do more with an hour than any human could possibly do.
  7. I’m beginning to understand why my mom is late for a lot of stuff.
  8. I’m also late for a lot of stuff, though I don’t think I’m quite bad enough that there is such a thing as “Christie time.”
  9. My favorite color is red. Unless it’s purple.
  10. When I was seven, my long-term goal was to win the National Spelling Bee.
  11. I competed at the state level in seventh grade and went out on the word “sepulchral.” It doesn’t sound anything like it looks.
  12. My children are fraternal twins.
  13. They just happened.
  14. I have an enduring crush on John Cusack.
  15. I struggle constantly with a desire to declutter and my very real pack-rat tendencies.
  16. I am not lazy, but sometimes I find that I am overwhelmed by possible places to start.
  17. I don’t understand people who think that exposure to one point of view is enough.
  18. I frequently feel that I have to take the lead and show other perfectly rational adults what needs to be done.
  19. Sometimes I quietly refuse to take that leadership role.
  20. I find 1960’s muscle cars, the ones that are too loud, incredibly sexy… particularly when they’re shiny as well as rumbly.
  21. I work very hard to maintain an appropriate role for technology in my life. I want to control the tools, rather than allowing the tools to control me.
  22. I talk to my sisters more than I do to my brothers.
  23. I met my husband in a stairwell.
  24. My first car was an early-80s blue stationwagon with an AM radio.
  25. I am woefully bad at wild partying.
  26. I love to perform, but I have no interest in the kind of life that would arise from performing for a living.
  27. Nonetheless, I have a dream-vision of myself as a chanteuse in a piano bar.
  28. I joined my first choir at the age of seven.
  29. I have sung onstage at Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge.  It was also the first place I ever drank a Shirley Temple.
  30. I sort of understand the appeal of televised NASCAR races.
  31. I love garlic and vinegar and other strong flavors, including slightly burned cheese.
  32. I view baking as a science and other forms of cooking as an art.
  33. I do not especially like licorice.
  34. I have no interest in knowing what you got me for Christmas, unless it’s actually Christmas.
  35. Sometimes I buy lottery tickets, but only when the jackpot is incomprehensibly huge.
  36. I always feel a little smug when my car fits into a small parking space next to a much larger vehicle.
  37. I am inordinately fond of riverboats with paddlewheels.
  38. I know a lot of people who proudly pronounce the H in the word “vehicle”.
  39. Certain people have told me that I look more like a Laura or a Beth than a Christie.
  40. I can name at least six teachers who were major influences on me.
  41. R.E.M. is my favorite band.
  42. It’s a little unnerving to think that I have liked them for almost 20 years.
  43. My hands and feet are the exact same shape as my father’s hands and feet, and my son’s.
  44. At my house, the game is called “Duck Duck Whatever.” I learned “Goose,” but my husband and children were all born in Minnesota and thus learned “Gray Duck.”
  45. I am less angry about this perceived error than I used to be.
  46. Plants and fabric have always made me happy.
  47. When I was young, plants and fabric always happened to me in the company of my mother.
  48. I like dogs, but mainly when they belong to other people. Cats, too.
  49. I hate it when plans change unexpectedly. Hate. It.
  50. I believe that the right answer to any big question comes with a deep feeling of peace.
  51. The first thing I ever wanted to be “when I grow up” was a librarian.
  52. The second thing was a teacher.
  53. I love school so much that I would happily be a professional student if it weren’t so darn expensive.
  54. That said, I no longer enjoy writing research papers.
  55. Quite by accident, I’ve visited 15 states.
  56. I’m really looking forward to Hawaii.
  57. I used to Be A Quilter, and I was pretty serious about it.
  58. I still have a stash of fat quarters.  Though I don’t use them much, I am loath to give them away.
  59. I do not have a button box worth rootling through, because I don’t make clothes.
  60. I learned to knit three times, forgot, and relearned.  It took when I found a sweater that my mom definitely needed.
  61. I do not give my cars names.
  62. I quit my job when my children were four so that I could spend the year before kindergarten as a stay-at-home mom.
  63. I am only just okay at being a stay-at-home mom, but I do like the dorking-around opportunities that lie in work like that. :)
  64. I test ESFJ on the Myers-Briggs test, but barely.
  65. I’ve moved closer to Introvert (vs. Extrovert) and Thinking (vs. Feeling) since the first time I took the test.
  66. I am, however, WAY over on the Judging (vs. Perceiving) end of the continuum.
  67. I find that kind of thing more interesting than predictive, but also more interesting than not.
  68. In a related vein, I am a Pisces with a Scorpio rising sign, born in the Year of the Dragon.
  69. My learning preference is concrete/sequential.
  70. I married a man who is diametrically opposite me in all of the above domains (except he’s Year of the Dragon too).
  71. My fingerprints are on file with the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension in my state because I am a teacher.
  72. I was surprised when the fingerprinting lady wasn’t very nice to me, though I suppose I shouldn’t have been considering she probably deals with more, um, criminals than educators.
  73. I used to spend a lot of energy resisting being defined by other people — being put in a box, I used to say.
  74. Now I just don’t think about that kind of thing very much.  I am complicated, like everyone else.  Duh.
  75. I don’t remember learning how to read.
  76. I’ve been known to sit down with an average-sized novel and not look up until I’m finished with it.
  77. I loathe doing laundry, but I like doing dishes.
  78. I have a strongly developed sense of order.
  79. I like to say that about my daughter, too.
  80. I didn’t realize that I’m a math person until I was a junior in college.
  81. I have an excellent sense of direction and good spatial awareness.  What that means is that I like maps more than is reasonable.
  82. In the year 2008, I continue to own a print encyclopedia.
  83. I would probably even use it, despite its clunkiness and age, if I had the shelf space.
  84. I don’t exactly understand how it’s possible to leave “white space” (or knickknacks, for that matter) on a bookshelf.  I’m not judging; I just have too many books for that.
  85. I play handbells sometimes.  It’s esoteric and a little nerdy, and I really like it.
  86. I have trouble reading the bass clef notes.  I can do it, but I’m slow.
  87. I only recently got the word “esoteric” firmly planted in my brain.  “Erstwhile” came along at the same time.  So my erstwhile difficulties with certain esoteric vocabulary words have gone away.  Hahaha. :)   Yes, I do actually think it’s at least a little bit important.
  88. My favorite movie of all time is The Sound of Music.  I’ve loved it since I was very, very little.
  89. I tear up a little when my children sing the songs from it.
  90. I am a sucker for parades.  Particularly the marching band parts.
  91. Why, yes.  Yes, I did hang out with the band kids in high school.
  92. I had a FIERCE crush on the guy who played quads.  (That isn’t him, but that’s just the kind of thing.)  I’m attracted to skill.
  93. I don’t play any instrument well enough to claim it (other than bells, I mean).  I have basic knowledge of piano and painfully rudimentary recorder and alto sax (which are essentially the same, in terms of what your hands do).
  94. Chocolate over vanilla, and early morning over late night.
  95. I have a lucky number, about which I am superstitious enough that I will decline to share it with you.

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