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done to death

July 11th, 2008 · 2 Comments

bunch of Ballband DishclothsLet me begin by saying that I have not seen or talked to enough adult humans in the last couple of days (or, indeed, this week), so I am a little owly.  All that aside, I have been knitting nothing but dishcloths for about six weeks now, and I am pretty sure the bloom is off the rose on that particular pattern for the time being.  I’m getting a lot of time to work on these during tee-ball (which is great so far, BTW), so I’m thinking that I need Another Project.

I try really hard to be project-monogamous.  I don’t get much done if I don’t focus on ONE thing (and this is not limited to knitting), but my God. How many times in a row can I run through this pattern without ripping out my hair?

(Six is the answer, incidentally, and it’s only because I am knitting these at the direct request of my mother that I am continuing to knit them at all.  I’m almost done with the green one, and I think I may wait a few days before beginning the blue one.)

So yeah, I’ve been bored.  Knitting ennui, you might call it: too many ideas and not enough motivation to begin any of them, really.  Also I’m pretty broke, which takes a lot of projects off the table.  Today I went stash diving (which doesn’t take long for me — I’m trying not to HAVE a stash) and spent some time on Ravelry, and now I have grand plans to make some of these and one or two of these and also a pair of these, and maybe one of these as well.  And there is always sock yarn, and none of this will cost me any today-dollars.

Wanna know what else none of this does?  None of this addresses the issue of State Fair knitting, which needs to be done by the middle of August.  It’s possible that one of these smaller projects will fill the bill, and I also have half a pair of very lovely socks that I wouldn’t mind entering if I can get the other one done (though I’m not really feeling like knitting socks right now).  What I really would LIKE to make for the Fair is a Nantucket Jacket (it’s the cover image there), but there is No Frickin Way I can knit that fast.

There is also every possibility that I will make a batch of truly spectacular muffins and take them to the Fair.  Competition is competition, right?  And competition that doesn’t make me completely insane can only be good.

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  • 1 Caroline M // Jul 11, 2008 at 2:08 pm

    The fair is there every year isn’t it and entering is not compulsory. Why not plan now for next year, you could spend the time between now and Christmas deciding on what to knit, ask for the supplies for Christmas presents and then start in January.

  • 2 Christie // Jul 12, 2008 at 12:54 pm

    That’s also a possibility, Caroline… especially in the pursuit of “not completely insane.” :) Entering does save me money on the tickets (and A&B are paying customers this year), but as my dad would say, “Ya got a point, judge.”

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