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someone’s tax dollars at work

June 12th, 2008 · 1 Comment

In my pursuit of a relatively unstructured summer (and continued financial liquidity), I haven’t scheduled a whole ton of camps and activities for Adam and Becky in the coming months. I would deeply love to have the kind of summer that results in nut-brown, sun-bleached children and memories of everyday deliciousness rather than a string of Big! Exciting! Events! This does not, however, mean that we get to spend every day sitting around — for one thing, that doesn’t work for me when I’m in my own house, and also it’s only enjoyable up to a point. It just means that yesterday’s biggest plan was going to the library, and the rest of the day was about reading and playing board games and a tiny bit of backyard baseball during the few sunny minutes of the day. THAT kind of summer.

Today, my non-planning left me without a ready excursion. I asked the kids what they wanted to do; Becky had no ideas and Adam wanted to play more Trouble (under the dining room table, if possible). I popped into with little hope of finding anything useful — sites like that are almost always poorly maintained — but there was a lot of good stuff! We ended up at a free concert by a duo called Alpha Bits at the Centennial Lakes Amphitheatre. Adam called a friend and invited that family to meet us there, so there were four kids and two moms and the Hokey Pokey and it was altogether a rollicking good time. For zero dollars. Which, since I took the kids out for lunch AND bought cheap yarn yesterday, was a VERY good thing. :)

Turns out the Edina parks people offer these concerts every Thursday, all year long — outside when the weather permits, but at the indoor park otherwise — and they are always zero dollars. Now, I know that this particular act isn’t very expensive to book (and I know this because the library loves them a lot), but still. Wouldn’t it be great if every city could do that kind of thing all the time? Thanks, Edina millionaires. My kids had a great time today.

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  • 1 Cat // Jun 16, 2008 at 9:51 am

    We have a new website from Mix 92.9 and some others, it has lots of half price coupons to lots of places around here. John’s having a ball with it. Also, the kids went to Opry Mills mall with him the other day, and they really enjoyed watching them feed the fish at Bass Pro Shop. Have you got one of those there?

    I remember best the going to the library and spend the whole day, I know you do lots of stuff like that with your kids. Mine are personally begging to stay home and watch TV, because we tend to have too many places to go during the school year, and they are ready to wind down. There is also a discount day at Brentwood Skate center, and some of the movie theatres have discount kid days in the summer. Might check that out.

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