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Five short

January 18th, 2008 · No Comments

The punch line is that I picked up 20 hats at the not-post-office where my mailbox is. This means that I have 95 handmade hats. Which is good, but I’m really really hoping that somewhere out there in the ether is someone (or a collection of someones) with five hats in their possession and grand plans to visit their own post office tomorrow. Please drop me a note or leave a comment if that sounds like you.

The hat pictured came from Barbara in NJ, and it gets pride of place here because I can’t figure out how she made it. Those are not standard spiraling decreases. I think they might be short rows, and I think the hat may be knitted top-down, but I can’t exactly tell. And I emailed her to ask, but it’s still entertaining to speculate while I wait for a reply.

Other today hats are pictured below (as always, click for big)…

Here are two hats I received from Irene in Brooklyn.  The tags there are about their wool-ness and their hand-wash-itude.

irene's hats

Andrea sent a sweet baby bonnet in what looks (to my relatively inexperienced eye) like some kind of Feather and Fan stitch.  (I’m sorry, Andrea, but I can’t find your email.  Um, the package arrived.)
andrea's baby bonnet

Nancy is one of my quilting friends who lives outside of Nashville.  We have actually met outside the computer, and she’s a lovely person.  She also sent five lovely hats to me, in lovely ribbing. :)

nancy's hats

“Knitter” in St. Paul (very near where I go to school) sent three blue variants and one burgundy hat which, if I’m not mistaken, is a Yarn Harlot Unoriginal Hat.  Yay for recognizing the pattern!  (And you’re welcome, knitter.  Thank YOU. :)   )

local hats

Last but not least, Janet in upstate NY (who is another of my quilting friends, but I’ve never met her in person) sent six fleece hats that should be very cozy and wonderful, along with a kind and encouraging note.

janet's fleece hats

That’s it for today.  I’d like also to blog about Becky’s first sewing project (!), but that rightfully belongs in a separate entry.  My continued thanks for your participation in the Cornerstone project.  Look for some navel gazing processing about the whole project early next week, when the hats and mittens will be delivered.

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