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January 10th, 2008 · No Comments

I am sick.  It’s really just a nasty cold, but honest to God I’m a big BABY about being sick.  So I missed class last night (had to call the instructor and say, “Um, hi, you don’t know me, but I am not coming to the first night of class because I have a bunch of gunk in my head, so don’t throw me out of the class, OK?”) and I’m not going to bell choir tonight.  I realized just today that as much as these things are important and I need to do them, I also have a day job that comes with exactly zero sick time.  So I have to squeeze in taking it easy where I can.

News in brief:

Mattresses for big beds were delivered and set up today.  All concerned parties are delighted.  (The lime green sheets are quite a pleasing pop of color in B’s otherwise-neutral room.  I like them more than I expected to.)

I picked up a blue million hats and mittens from church on Monday morning.  I haven’t counted them (or, indeed, taken them out of the trunk), but they are there and I would like to have YOUR hats and mittens by next Tuesday.  Thanks!

Adam says, “Is that all?”  And it is.  I’m going to knit and sniffle and try to go to bed early.

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