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Will power. It’s now or never, baby.

January 4th, 2008 · No Comments

I won’t belabor the obvious notion of losing weight in the new year, although I will point out that Dan and I come to this particular resolution at all kinds of odd times.  It’s not fair to count us among the January 1 gym-joiners when we’ve had a membership at the Y for 15 months now.  (Also we haven’t been to the gym for possibly the entire month of December.  Ahem.)  We are working on it again, and one big step is going to be moving our exercise bike from the basement to the sitting area of the bedroom.  I am slightly ambivalent about this idea, but there is no denying that the current state of the exercise bike is only slightly removed from “clothes rack.”

Dan’s gotten me involved with The Daily Plate since we got back from vacation.  It’s a calorie tracker - activity tracker - accountability instiller kind of tool, and I’m finding it very friendly.  I’d be pleased to point out that I am 14 calories under my goal for today, but I can’t do that because I forgot to count the dressing on my salad.  (Annie’s Naturals “Goddess” dressing, in case you’re interested.  Super-tasty, though not at all the same as Green Goddess.)  So I’m about 50 calories over.  I am, however, quite encouraged about the whole situation.  I’m fairly confident that I can manage this thing if I can stop eating snacks when my kids do (because I am not generally hungry at those times of day) and hold myself to a Very Very Doable 1800-2000 calories per day.  There is no universe in which that constitutes deprivation; it just requires me to think a little, and I’m pretty sure that I’m smarter than my food.

So yeah.  Although I don’t intend to post progress reports live on the internet, I fully expect that there will be progress.  It’s completely possible that I will be Smokin’ Hot by next Christmas.  You should join me.

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