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weekend calamities

October 8th, 2007 · No Comments

On Saturday, there was the Great Soccer Debate: that is, Adam and Becky have been involved in YMCA soccer this fall, and they’ve been rather lukewarm about it.  Last Saturday was the deadline to register for the next session, and we just couldn’t decide whether it would be worth the money.  The kids kept changing their minds, too.  They have a good time when they actually play, but they spend a lot of time standing around and complaining.  I don’t know.  We decided to go through one more session (working under the assumption that they can learn more about it, it will not rain on them, and by the end of this session we’ll know if they really like it or not), so that’ll start in a few weeks.

Also on Saturday, we did some running around town and discovered in the afternoon that we couldn’t find Adam’s bear.  We looked upstairs and down and in my lady’s chamber (more than once — he’s been known to hide the bear under the covers), and found nothing.  We retraced our steps to the Red Cross and the grocery store, found nothing, and left phone numbers in case Blue Bear turned up.  Came home.  Looked around the house some more.  Gave up and arranged with Adam that he could sleep with his two stuffed kitties and Superman Puppy, which was fine until bedtime, when I rocked my poor boy and sang to him for half an hour before he could settle down enough to sleep.  Dan and I went to bed at around 11:00, and we were just about to turn off the lights when suddenly Blue Bear was right next to me in the middle of the bed.  I just about DIED.
Yesterday we decided to fix the toilet — it needed a new wax ring, and sources told us the job could be done in an hour.  We all know how THAT kind of thing goes, but it only required two extra trips to Home Depot and half a day.  The problem is fixed, anyway, except that the closet flange is part of the pipe and is broken off at one side, so there isn’t much for the one bolt to attach to.  We are not worried about that; the smell is gone and we found (slightly too late) a replacement flange that will bolt onto the remaining piece of the flange.  So, you know, next time we lift up the toilet we’ll take care of that.  Yeah.

I also turned the heel on my sock-in-progress.  Not a calamity, but I overdid a little and I think I have to take a couple days off from knitting.

This week all my preschool-generated Alone Time is taken up by other engagements, so I’m having a little bit of a scramble to get my schoolwork done.  I suppose the knitting break is a good idea regardless. :)   Just right now I have less than an hour to get two recalcitrant children clean(ish) and dressed, so I need to get moving… none of us is very motivated this morning.

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