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April 1st, 2003 · 2 Comments

Ultrasound # 5 this morning (that would be counting the first two ultrasounds, which were strictly for my personal peace of mind and resulted in our finding out much sooner than usual that the twins are twins). Everyone is fine. Nothing is happening, which is a good thing at this point. But we did find out that both babies have turned themselves feet-down, which is less than great, and I am kind of in denial about that. Also I don’t fully understand how they could now be in the positions that they are in — originally the girl baby was directly above the boy baby, and now he has somehow worked his way around to the left. I think there must be some vital piece of pregnancy information that I’m missing. I don’t know. The good thing about this positioning stuff is that I no longer have to be concerned that the boy baby will be squashed flat by his sister. And they have several weeks to figure out which way is up.

Also this week I am joining a Mothers of Multiples club. They are having a big fat sale this weekend, and members get to go in two hours before everyone else. So they can have my $12.50 for that — I hope I find some crib bumpers while I’m there. I just can’t buy any more baby clothes — seems like terrible overkill to me. This particular club is pretty draconian about the rules of the sale (if I bring Dan, he has to wear a tag that says he’s with me, and he has to stay by my side the whole time, and he is only allowed to carry stuff, and if he’s there they assume that I can’t carry stuff… lot of rules like that), and it seems like it is going to be kind of zoo-like, if they have to be so specific about everything. But it’s worth it to me to get hooked up with other families with twins. And hey, crib bumpers.

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  • 1 Janet // Apr 1, 2003 at 8:13 pm

    Re: buying baby clothes…you should know that at least for the first few weeks or so, you may have to change EACH baby 6-8 times per day as they "mess" up their clothes as well as their diapers. Just thought I’d let you in on that little secret But…you can always get more later if you need them.

  • 2 cat // Apr 2, 2003 at 1:52 pm

    I have a blue and a pink crib bumber, and one with that pink gingham Julie had, and one with sleeping bears, kind of white and green and a little other pastel colors. These are all in my attic and free if you want them. I also have all the baby clothes my children ever wore, pretty much, which I will somehow manage to let you shop through if you want. Mia’s crib is in my shed, and I have two crib mattresses and two toddlers beds, although one is a little rusted, and two high chairs, one with and one without the tray, and an exersaucer, and tons of toys I need to get rid of. Maybe when I come in June I should bring a moving van.

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