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on knitting and quilting

March 8th, 2007 · No Comments

Recently I’ve seen a few people in the knitblog world turning to quilts and sewing.  The Keyboard Biologist, for example, just finished her first quilt top.  Grumperina recently sewed a quick little bag and has done an apron and another simple garment or two.  Kay at Mason-Dixon Knitting dabbles in some quilty business, too.  It’s interesting for me to watch these people, who I consider to be talented and creative knitters (and not-so-incidentally entertaining to read), pick up this craft that I tossed aside when I really found knitting.

See, I don’t so much quilt anymore.  It’s sort of done what I needed it to do for me — to the extent that I am thinking of getting rid of my fabric stash — and I’m over it for now.  I do a little sewing on kids’ clothes, but they do always seem to involve a hem.  I hate hems, and I own at least one dress that I wore for over five years with the hem safety-pinned up.  So the machine is languishing.  Part of the deal, I know, is that my sewing room is isolated and cold and kind of dark, and it’s so cluttered that it’s unsafe for my children to be in there even when I’m with them.  Knitting, in contrast, is portable and allows for conversation.
Today I saw this picture.   These are Log Cabin Blocks a la MDK.  I have never been a big fan of the log cabin blocks — they’re a lot of short seams and getting up and pressing and turning and fiddly strips — and the Log Cabin stuff in MDK didn’t appeal because it’s so BIG (i.e. actual functional blanket-size things), but this.  This makes it seem manageable, and the nice thing is that you just knit one square, and a rectangle, and another rectangle, and keep going until you’re done with that block.  You don’t ever have to go into the cold sewing cavern, if you’re me; you can just carry a block around in your purse.

Now.  Will I actually knit a log cabin blanket of any kind?  Probably not anytime soon; I have rediscovered socks, and the new Knitty is also up today with a super-cute little girl’s sweater that would be easy to customize for a boy.  But the APPEAL is there.  I can see the knitted log cabin happening much sooner than the quilted one.

I like the way these modes of creating circle around and around.  I learned to sew from my mother and learned quilting via Usenet.  I would not allow my mother to teach me knitting; my best friend showed me how, and I am making liberal use of books and online resources as I get better at it.  Other people out there are doing similar things, but in a different order, and it feels like a very cosmic connection.

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