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June 21st, 2006 · No Comments

Funny thing overheard at the fabric store: A woman comes up to the cutting counter, where I am waiting for my 12 yards of cheapie cotton brights for VBS. (SO SICK of VBS, by the way. SO ready for it to be over.) She says, “My daughter bought fabric and a pattern for a pair of pants. I’m not a seamstress, and… well, neither is she. And she keeps asking me all these questions, and I’m just clueless.” She goes on to ask about fabric layouts, fold lines, beginning basics that you need. It’s great that she took the time to ask questions of a knowledgeable person — do not mistake my intentions here. It just struck me as funny that a person who didn’t sew would take it upon herself to make a pair of pants, and would then ask questions of someone else who also didn’t sew.

Thinking about it now, a whole hour later, makes me impressed with the daughter for taking it on (clueless or not), and it also makes me appreciate my mom. I made an actual wearable skirt with pockets when I was ten, and in my head I hear my mother say, “You won’t like it if you do it that way,” every time I consider some dumb quick-and-dirty shortcut. (FWIW, she is not always right about that.)

The titular “that” is Something That Drives Me Crazy About A Particular Person: Every email from her, EVERY SINGLE ONE, has the subject line “hi.” Puke puke puke. (NB: If you’re reading this, the chance that it’s you is insanely small. So don’t worry.)

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