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101 things in 1001 days

August 1st, 2010 · 2 Comments

I am a little shocked to be committing myself to this so publicly… but a friend of mine just started her second list, and her progress reports show that she didn’t finish all the things on the first one.  Aim for the moon and you’ll still land among the stars, I think is the idea (although I may be mangling the quotation).  It’s tough for me to go in knowing that Not Finishing is a real prospect. Some of these things are very big, and I really do have a thing about completion… but I’m working on that, so you get to watch me attempt.
Here’s my list (it is truly 101 things, but the word-processing program I typed it in isn’t pulling the numbers over, and I’m not really interested in reformatting the whole thing at this hour of the night).  A more professional version is over here, on the Day Zero Project page.  I would like to point out that today counts as Day 1, even though all I’m doing with the remaining 66 minutes of it is sleeping; I don’t think that’s exactly fair, but in three years I might not care very much. :)
visit another country
plant a tree at home
plant a tree somewhere else
present at a professional conference
write to excellent teachers
make compost
take a vacation with siblings (spouses and children optional)
visit 5 MN state parks
work on a Habitat house
knit a sweater for everyone in our family (0/5)
make new bed quilts for all of us (0/4)
write a will
run a 5K
make 5 baby hats for Rwanda
buy a beehive for Heifer Int’l
camp with Girl Scouts
have pearls restrung
emergency kit for our house
emergency kit for evacuation
build a bookshelf
plant climbing roses
grow a hideout with beans or sunflowers
make challah
build savings to $1000
build savings to 3 months
build savings to 6 months
organize and tag digital photos
put all print photos into albums
learn iMovie really, really well
make a book trailer
make a project from each of my craft books
build a bench
host Christmas
go to midnight Mass
visit M&S in Cincinnati
get a piano
keep flowers in the house for one month
finish and hang “Every Color” art quilt
see the talent show at the Grandstand
get a car with seating for 7 (sigh)
make jam or jelly
make pickles
write every day for a month
paint on canvas
take a class at the Textile Center
buy a really high-quality bike
see the Northern Lights
Complete a 365-day photo challenge
Get a hammock
fill the house with art we love
go one week with no restaurant meals
volunteer at Cornerstone or Bridging
move clipped recipes to cards
reorganize recipe file
walk a labyrinth
play in a corn maze
buy part of a race horse
pay off one or more student loans
revamp my wardrobe
get a professional makeup consultation
go six months with no library fines
support MPR for one year
support TPT for one year
preserve Concord grape pie filling for Thanksgiving
take the Jeopardy test
see all the Harry Potter movies
join a book club
watch 101 movies
twice-monthly date night
read 101 books for grownups
paint exterior doors
get rid of that darn basket of shoes
teach my kids to ice-skate
host a slumber party
save seeds from heirloom tomatoes
get grow lights
buy one new book per month
shop from Etsy when it isn’t Christmas
make a pair of pants that really, really fits
give to high school Annual Fund
give to college Annual Fund
start direct-deposit for kids’ savings
consult a financial planner
take my kids to a car show
go up in a lighthouse
watch the Western horse show at the Fair
host a wine tasting
volunteer for a leadership position at a church or school event
see 5 professional baseball games
see 5 live rock shows
buy a membership in a CSA farm
get a pair of cowboy boots
write an article for publication
go camping with my family
help my dad move to Nashville

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  • 1 Lisa // Aug 2, 2010 at 12:49 pm

    Yay! Just remember…it’s OK to have things undone. Maddening, yes, sometimes frustrating, yes…but a whole lot of fun regardless.

    Good for you. :)

  • 2 Melody // Aug 5, 2010 at 2:28 pm

    This is really cool! And inspiring. How long did it take to write the list itself?

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