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thankful Thursday (PDQ edition)

December 3rd, 2009 · No Comments

1. I am thankful for the benefit of the doubt.  Not because I am under any suspicion (and, quite honestly, I wouldn’t necessarily notice if I were), but because I am better at extending the benefit of the doubt than I used to be.  I like being Less Judgmental Christie.

2. I am thankful for goat cheese.  So yummy, and such a great way to jazz up a bowl of pasta.

3. I am thankful that Adam’s goldfish is still alive.  He had a little encounter with the water siphon last night, and we really thought he’d had it.  But he made it through the night (though his fins are a little the worse for wear, and he may not last the day) and he is no more floaty than usual.  Adam seemed to take it in stride when we rousted him out of bed last night to explain the situation, but he is a kid who feels things very deeply, and I suspect that Vanderbilt’s eventual demise will hit him hard.  For now, the fish lives, and that difficult discussion is postponed.  (Whew.)
4. It might snow today. :)

5. My booktalks thus far have gone well (all two of them) and I have another one today.  In that vein, I am really REALLY excited about book trailers on YouTube.  Here’s a good one for a new Scott Westerfeld book.

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