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foiled again

April 20th, 2009 · 2 Comments

trying to fit a kitchen table into my kitchenHave you been to my house?  No?  We have this room, the main front room of our house, that we refer to as “the dining room.”  It’s meant to be a living room and, indeed, when we bought the house, it contained squashy furniture and a TV.  But for us, it’s a dining room, because our kitchen (purportedly an “eat-in” kitchen, hahahaha) isn’t big enough for any table of reasonable size.  The kitchen accommodates a 30″ round bar table, which seats two and is fine for breakfast.  But there are FOUR of us, and we need to eat dinner together.  Also I really REALLY want a living room.  We’re willing to be creative in solving this problem.  It appears that the only answer is going to involve built-in seating, a pedestal table, and some exciting angles.

I mopped the kitchen floor, and then I started drawing on it.  Wait, let me back up.  First thing I did after I mopped was try to move our dining table, 30×55″ plus a leaf, into the kitchen.  (It wouldn’t fit through the doorway, at least not without help, and I was not willing to try and get Dan on board with the project.  We’ve been here before.)  After that I measured the table’s dimensions out on the floor and found that, in any orientation, either the table or a chair would lie in the path of the fridge door.  Sigh.  Next I decided to do some speculative planning on that  banquette…

The built-in bench wraps around the inside corner and is 16″ deep.  (I’m of the opinion that it should include some drawers for things like tablecloths and watercolor paints.)  The pedestal table is about 40″ on the longest sides, and an irregular pentagon.  A pentagon.  A pentagonal kitchen table.  Bizarre, but it looked for all the world like it would work… and then I remembered that Dan has this crazy preference for, you know, elbow room, and these children aren’t getting any smaller.  So I’m screwed.  The pentagonal table would be an excellent and even elegant solution to a weird space, unless we want to eat there.

Plan B (which has been the plan all along, in the absence of funds for custom carpentry) (!) is to work really, really carefully on the living/dining combo to make it work better than it does. But it would be so much simpler if my kitchen were four feet wider.

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  • 1 Caroline M // Apr 21, 2009 at 12:15 am

    Once upon a time we went looking at new houses. They must have specially designed toy furniture for dressing the show homes because the majority of the dining rooms would have needed an ultra narrow table to make them work. My table is the same size as yours, it wouldn’t have fitted in a lot of the dining rooms we visited (too wide)

  • 2 Cat // Apr 21, 2009 at 9:40 am

    I have the same problem, as you know. I have decided a new house is the only option. Although I have thought about that banquette thing, too.

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